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Kristin Williams

Born in Hamilton, New Zealand in July 1969 I was brought up on a small dairy farm just north of the tiny Waikato town of Te Aroha, nestled at the base of the beautiful Mt Te Aroha(mountain of love) in the Kaimai ranges. The youngest child of a family of 4 children, 2 brothers and a sister. 4 children under 4 years was an interesting challenge for my parents, which they handled very well raising us all with respect and enthusiasm for life.

At the age of 4 yrs I started dancing lessons, first with Ballet then Tap dancing and Ballroom dancing as well. All 4 of us learned to dance from a young age and my sister and I continued on for the rest of our childhood with my brothers stopping to venture off into Kiwi sporting activities like rugby and fishing.  We all took lessons in Elocution (speech and drama) and we all experienced the highs and lows of small local competitions in both Ballet and Speech and Drama. My parents were heavily involved with the Competitions society and also the Te Aroha Little Theatre, so I grew up on stage and backstage wearing elaborate costumes and interesting hairstyles and creative makeup. As a result of this I learned about hair creativity and makeup application from a young age and how to apply makeup for stage presentation.

As a teen I was involved with St John Ambulance and had soon achieved all my training certificates as a cadet. Looking for more challenge and variety I moved on to the Air Training Corps which I continued with till the end of my school days achieving the rank of Seargent. I was a keen photographer at secondary school and enjoyed art as my favourite and most successful subject.  I became heavily involved with the Young Farmers Club fulfilling roles as secretary and Publicity officer.

By the time I got to 16yrs of age I was bored with school and looking for work opportunities to get me out and about in the world. While working as a telephonist for the local Power Board I took up Selling Nutrimetics and this was the beginning of my official makeup artistry interests. I started assisting with Makeup and hair for the local theatre productions and started doing party plan selling of my Nutrimetics products which included teaching people the art of applying makeup in an appealing fashion. I Offered makeup for Brides and bridesmaids, mother of the bride and other special occasion makeup.  Occasionally I even did Hair, Makeup and photography for a wedding. For a period of time I started travelling and selling my father's beautiful scenic aerial photography in between makeup and party commitments.

After taking up Rock'n'Roll dancing with a Hamilton club I met and married my first husband in 1988. Before long I was on my way to being a mum and produced my 2 beautiful daughters Kelsi and Monika-Rose just 23 months apart from each other. This kept me very busy as a young mum and the Nutrimetics went by the wayside and I took up La Leche League, in an effort to be the best mum I possibly could to my girls. I eventually became a counsellor for other young mums working on perfecting their breast feeding and parenting skills.  As a newlywed I took up teaching dance and women's exercise programs also training in chair dancing for the elderly and special needs classes. I was teaching mother and baby classes and pregnancy exercise and stretching right up until the day before my second daughter was born and then continued a week later. 

About this time of my life I lost my eldest brother in a small aircraft accident. This was devastating to the family and contributed to some major changes in my life.  Not long after this my marriage broke and I moved away to Wellington (NZ capital city) I continued to teach exercise programs, Chairdancing  and movement classes for the blind and special needs.  I became more involved with competitive Rock'n'Roll dancing and started teaching classes and workshops all over the country between intense training and competitive events. After a few years I moved back to my home town of Te Aroha and started teaching children's dance classes in schools and doing choreography for school productions etc.

I started training as a Massage Therapist in 1997 learning the De Mousgraffe method of massage therapy at the Te Aroha holistic centre. In 1998 I went on to train in Swedish massage in Matamata through the NZ massage institute .  By 1999 I was training in Fascial Kinetics (a Bowen Therapy) and went on to graduate the 4 modules of this program at the top of my class as one of the first 6 therapists to be fully trained in Fascial Kinetics in New Zealand. I opened my own clinic, Rosebrooke Massage Therapy, working from home whilst continuing lunchtime dance classes and fulfilling my roll as a mum of two busy girls.  At this time I started studying Aromatherapy and joined the Le Reve company selling and using their high quality essential oils. I continued to use Aromatherapy as a first stop for first aid and wellbeing throughout my daughters upbringing.

When my eldest daughter reached secondary school age we moved away to the Bay Of Plenty in pursuit of a suitable school to extend her high achieving goals. Tauranga provided this and we settled there with a change of vocation for me after deciding to take a break from Therapeutic healing techniques. I became a Real Estate agent and spent 5 years selling and facilitating the sale of some beautiful properties in the wider Tauranga area. This gave me enough freedom of time to continue supporting my daughters competitive Gymnastic interests and school activities...


In 2006 we moved to Wellington to combine households with my new partner Evan.  I spent 4 years as a Property manager.  In between general life events I continued to offer therapies and healing to those I felt were in need.  

We were based in Waiouru from Jan 2012  till Sept 2014  and I had reopened my Rosebrooke Natural Therapy Clinic and added the Makeup Artistry aspect to it.  I now offer a more holistic approach to healing including advice in healthy lifestyle and nutrition. Personal growth has brought about other approaches to promoting a complete healing process.  The makeup artistry offers special occasion makeup, bridal, Makeovers and special effects (eg. Halloween) including body painting. I also do face-painting for children when required.

In Sept of 2014 we moved to London on a job posting.  This was a whirlwind of opportunity that filled my life and senses for almost 4 years.  I discovered what it was to feel completely exhausted, to have no control over my time or my diet, to be on duty and on best behaviour for 90% of my waking hours.  London city was beautiful and yet filthy, spectacular and yet polluted, amazing and yet unfriendly, Vast and yet limiting.  It was a steep learning curve for me about everything that was actually important to me in life and how much I missed the peace and beauty of my clean and fresh homeland. Also how easy it is to neglect your own wellbeing out of a sense of duty.

Now back in New Zealand since early 2018, I am looking forward to growing and developing my Natural therapies and re connecting with nature and human wellbeing for myself and my clients in all ways, always.

My personal development and growth of my art will never finish and I look forward to developing my skills and sharing my healing with many people anywhere in the world in the future but especially here in New Zealand.

p.s. The name ROSEBROOKE comes from my daughters middle names. Monika-Rose and Kelsi Brooke.