Fascial Kinetics



Bowen therapy

        Tom Bowen of Australia developed this gentle but profound technique involving a series of to and fro moves across tendons, muscles and fascial planes of the body. This technique is applied without lubrication and may be applied through light clothing.  It has long lasting effects to alleviate acute and chronic conditions.
        The Fascial Kinetics school of Bowen Therapy applies the moves as originally demonstrated by Tom Bowen.  The focus of the moves is on the connective tissue or fascia of the body to encourage fascial plasticity and fitness, which in turn effects muscle softening, tone and organ health. 
        Bowen  is sometimes referred to as the homeopathy of body therapies as the moves are minimal and act as a ripple effect through the connective tissue to bring about a balance or homeostasis in body functions.

In conjunction with healthy water consumption Fascial Kinetics can make the difference to your health.


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