Home again home again jiggity jig

well it's great to be back in Wellington NZ.  

we had a fantastic time away in London for several years but I have to admit I missed my home, my country and my family.  The fresh air and Sunshine, the tui's and the wood pigeons. These are all things I missed terribly while living in the northern hemisphere.

So now that I am home I am ready to kick off my business again here in Wellington.  I have prepared my treatment room. Set up my massage tables. Re read my manuals and re engaged my brain in the healing modalities that I have so missed sharing with my fellow humans.

I am ready now, for you....

As my clinic awaits clientelle, I am spending my days updating my website, rearranging my priorities, practicing my meditation and wellness techniques and creating marketing material to inform the world of my readiness.

Give me a call,  or ... if I have worked out how to...hopefully make an online booking.

See you soon!

Posted: Thu 19 Jul 2018